DIY Perfume with Lavender & Vanilla Essential Oils


I make most of my own personal products, but for the longest time couldn’t find a natural perfume I was comfortable with. So I made my own DIY Perfume!

My Search for a Great Natural Perfume

Since switching to natural products, I have yet to find a store-bought perfume I can use.

Some are made with vague ingredients, others are way too expensive! I’m a person who uses perfume sparingly, so it will take me a very long time to use even a small bottle. I generally only use perfume on special occasions.

However, lately I’ve been looking for a subtle, natural perfume that will last longer than an essential oil roll-on. I also wanted something slightly stronger and sweeter smelling.

I’m not a fan of harsh perfumes as most give me a terrible headache! It could be the chemicals or the type of scent, but when I smell someone with strong perfume I just can’t stand it.

DIY Perfume with Essential Oils

Since I was having trouble finding something that would fit the bill, I decided to formulate my own personal, DIY perfume.

I started by reading this exceptional article on “Effective Use of Alcohol for Aromatic Blending” on the Tisserand Institute’s website. I highly suggest reading it before trying to make your own DIY perfume or spray blends. That is how I knew I would need to properly solubilize and preserve (or dissolve completely) my essential oils in alcohol.

Once I knew what medium would carry my perfume, I needed to decide on my fragrance. I absolutely love sweet smells, so I knew I wanted to use vanilla oleoresin as a fixative. Vanilla oleoresin is not actually an essential oil, but a resin that has been chemically extracted from vanilla beans using a solvent. You can read more about that in this post: Vanilla Essential Oil & Homemade Vanilla Infused Oil.

Essential Oils I Enjoy

Vanilla oleoresin is deeply sweet, warm, and relaxing. It is a lovely base note to ground fragrances. I love that it smells just like vanilla beans.

Another smell I adore is lavender. Quite often lavender essential oil on its own can be too strong and sharp for me, so blending it with vanilla softens its scent. I love the floral notes of lavender and how these two aromas combine to make a peaceful and romantic perfume. It makes me breathe deep and relax.

I chose to limit this perfume to just these two essential oils, although you could certainly add more to develop the scent profile. Patchouli essential oil would give this perfume some extra body and earthiness, clove bud essential oil would give some spice, bergamot would give it some bright and citrus notes, and sandalwood essential oil would make it even more sensual.


DIY Perfume: Lavender Vanilla

Author Katie Vance

This DIY Lavender Vanilla perfume is easy to make and will definitely be one that you make time and time again.



  1. Measure 1 ounce of grain alcohol (151 proof or higher) into a clean 1-ounce amber bottle.
  2. Add in 8 drops of vanilla oleoresin and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  3. Cap and swirl to combine.
  4. Allow to sit for several days.
  5. Measure into a 10 mL atomizing spray bottle.


Occasionally I will spray this perfume on my skin, but most often I spray on clothing. I am always surprised that I can still catch the aroma hours later when I am out and about. It’s like a breath of fresh air and always helps me stay calm.

This perfume also makes wonderful gifts! Add it to a decorative box with some tissue paper and it could rival those fancy department store perfumes.

You can also experiment with the amount of drops of each essential oil to find the perfect blend for you. It is very easy to customize!


DIY Perfume with Lavender & Vanilla Essential Oils was written by Katie Vance.

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