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alitura naturals reviews

Safe, Natural, and Effective Skin Care Products?

We’re all about natural and effective skin care products – ones that don’t contain any harsh, artificial chemicals. Your skin needs to be protected and pampered, not beaten into submission, after all – and that’s why we were so excited to check out Alitura Naturals, a line of skin care products that focuses on safe, natural ingredients.

Was Alitura Naturals as great as we hoped? Read on to discover more.

Behind the Curtain

Alitura was founded by Andy Hnilo, an incredibly good-looking model, actor, and athlete that suffered horrific injuries in a nearly-fatal car crash. Determined to rebuild his mind, body, and soul while still languishing in his hospital bed, Hnilo was committed to rebuilding himself from a nutritional perspective – and in just 7 short weeks, he was back on the runway.

Part of that process was focusing on healing himself on the inside and the outside. Hnilo used natural, hand-crafted ingredients sourced from around the globe to help heal his exterior, leading to what would become the first Alitura product – a healing clay mask that exfoliates, detoxifies, and heals damaged skin.

With such fantastic results, Hnilo expanded his line of skin care products. Alitura has since grown from experiments in Hnilo’s bedroom to doing business in over 70 countries worldwide – and the company shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Alitura Naturals Product Line Review

alitura naturals products review

The Alitura product line is ever-expanding. From the company’s first product – a clay facial mask treatment – Alitura’s skin care products focus on organic and all-natural ingredients. Here are just a few of the company’s most popular and best-selling products:

  • Alitura Pearl Cleanser – a facial cleanser infused with freshwater pearl powder and wild tremella mushroom
  • Alitura Moisturizer – a skin moisturizer made from 95.4% organic ingredients sourced from exotic locales
  • Alitura Body Lotion – a blend of organic essential oils designed to protect your skin from environmental pollutants
  • Alitura Night Cream – antioxidants and plant-derived stem cells provide skin repair and protection overnight

Other Alitura products include an organic shaving serum, a microneedle derma roller, and an adaptogenic herbal supplement.


alitura naturals colostrum

Alitura uses some of the purest and most all-natural organic ingredients out there. A brief list of these ingredients follows:

  • Freshwater Pearl Powder: a subtle, gentle exfoliant, perfect for sensitive skin
  • L-Ascorbic Acid: a form of Vitamin C that is most readily absorbable by the human body
  • Grass-Fed Colostrum: a natural source of many amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals
  • American Ginseng: excellent for oxygenating and revitalizing skin
  • Green Desert Clay: a potent all-natural astringent, primarily used in Alitura’s skin masks
  • Organic Kelp Powder: a nutrient-dense topical cleanser with high antioxidant properties

There are a number of other ingredients used in Alitura products. Wherever possible, the company strives to source these ingredients organically and from all-natural plant products. While using such high-quality ingredients is certainly reflected in the price of these products, Alitura has also built a reputation for high levels of effectiveness.

Price and Performance

Alitura’s entire product line is priced appropriately for its effectiveness and for its ingredients. All of its individual products are available for anywhere between $45 and $75. Many products are also available in packages of two or more products, representing a modest savings over purchasing the products individually.

We were gladdened to see that Alitura products are, by and large, very well regarded by its customers. The Alitura website itself offers glowing reviews of its own products (no surprise there) but we found that reviews of these same products on third-party websites like Amazon were just as high, indicating that there’s no cherry-picking going on here.

In fact, its most well-reviewed product – the Alitura Anti-Aging Professional Clay Face Mask – had a truly impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 across 114 reviews. Not only that, but a full 91% of those reviews awarded the product 5 stars – truly an overwhelming level of approval. Reviewers mentioned time and again how smooth their skin felt after using the clay mask.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Alitura, from everything we’ve read and experienced we’re convinced that these skin care products are some of the most effective.

Taking into account that the company prides itself on using safe, all-natural, and organic ingredients in its products and you’ve got a winning combination, and Alitura’s rapid growth is proof of the company and its products.

Alitura may be a relatively new name when it comes to skincare, but it’s one that is certainly going to give bigger skin care companies a run for its money. With its moderately-priced product line and its inspiring story, Alitura has quickly become one of our favorite new brands.

As Alitura is constantly researching and formulating new skin care products, we look forward to seeing what new products that Andy Hnilo and his team of obviously talented and dedicated skin care professionals have up their sleeve in the future!

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