A Simple and Nourishing DIY Summer Facial Serum


Enjoy this beauty recipe that combines three oils to make a lovely and nourishing DIY skin serum that is perfect to wear for warm summer days spent outside.

My skin is constantly changing from season to season. In the winter it needs a thicker moisturizer, but in the summer that same moisturizer will cause breakouts and excess oil.

Caring For Your Skin In the Summer

I spend a lot of time outside in the summer; I love to garden and play with my kids in the yard. While I try to stick to the shade and wear protective clothing, I always end up in the sun for some of the time.

Like most adults, I’m not as diligent in using sunscreen as I probably should be. However, I don’t feel like I need it daily (although I’m sure my dermatologist would beg to differ!).

I am a very fair-skinned person. I also live in the Northeast which means that I don’t see a lot of sunshine in the winter.

That being said, I know that sun protection is very important. Like I mentioned before, I tend to choose natural sun protection like clothing and avoiding overexposure.

Lately I wanted to do something to protect and nourish my skin even when I am occasionally exposed to summer sun. I decided to create a facial moisturizer that will hopefully do both!

Ingredients for a DIY Summer Skin Serum

Now, this post is not about a natural sunscreen. This moisturizer should not be used in place of a sunscreen or as your main way to prevent any type of sun damage. It’s just a lovely, light, natural moisturizer that will help your skin this summer.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

The main part of this DIY Summer Skin Serum is red raspberry seed oil.

Red Raspberry Seed oil is touted by many as a natural SPF, though it has yet to be confirmed by studies as such. However, it is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and omega fatty acids (specifically omega-3 and omega-6). My bottle mentioned that it contains 52% Omega-6 and 31% omega-3.

I love how light red raspberry seed oil feels on my skin and how quickly it absorbs. It also seems to help with any occasional redness on my face which is a wonderful added bonus! I’m not surprised at that, because red raspberry seed oil is a great anti-oxidant. Some have also mentioned that it works well as an anti-aging oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Also included in this DIY Summer Skin Serum is another one of my favorite facial oils: rosehip seed oil. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth the cost.

It is slightly astringent, which helps with my somewhat oily skin (especially in the summer). Rosehip seed oil is rich in Vitamin A and is great for anti-aging skincare. It’s also been used for UV Damage and deep wrinkles. (source: Susan Parker, Power of the Seed)

Frankincense Essential Oil

The last addition to this lovely skin serum is frankincense essential oil (specifically Boswellia carterii). This essential oil has some great anti-aging properties and is another favorite for skin care. I use it most frequently in anti-aging skincare or when I need some extra TLC.

Altogether d

DIY Summer Skin Serum



  1. Carefully measure oils into a 3-ounce amber jar (like this).
  2. Cap well and swirl gently to combine ingredients.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for up to 6 months.

To Use

  1. Apply 1-3 drops to a clean, dry face.
  2. Smooth oil onto face with fingertips, using an upwards motion. Take care to avoid the eyes.
  3. Reapply as needed (I use mine mornings and evenings).

Simple summer skincare has never been easier! This DIY recipe will leave your skin lightly moisturized and glowingly healthy.

What do you use for natural summer skin? Share with us!


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